Say hello to Rosalinda, my happy girl!

OOAK Custom Blythe Doll. Little Red Head.

I originally named her Melinda, but when I opened the box and took one look at her, I said, oh no, this girl’s a Rosie… so Id like you to meet… Rosalinda (beautiful Rose)

My goodness, this girl is so gorgeous I’m having a hard time letting her go!!! Her hair is HUGE, spunky and adorable! Shes a factory (fake) version of a Gentle River Blythe, but I think she might have turned out even better than the blythe original.

Rosie is the happiest, most joyful girl I know. If youre very quiet, you might even hear her singing a happy tune! Creative and outgoing, she’s always looking for an opportunity to show her abilities. She loves a good audience. Rosie is compassionate, full of love and willing to lend a hand, or heart in tender matters. She has the uncanny ability to bring you over to the happy side.

Rosie is my 9th customization from a factory blythe, made with care and pure love.

She will ship with everything pictured here. All clothes made by me:
– Shabby plaid sundress with gray sweater.
– Fuzzy helmet/hat with pom pons.
– Little white socks to complete the ensemble.

Here’s the work that I’ve done to make her beautiful:
– 4 custom pairs of eye chips created by me.
– Eyes gaze corrected and boggled.
– Sleepy eyes.
– 2 New Custom Beaded Pullcharms.
– Face sand-matted.
– Lip, nose and philtrum carved.
– New makeup with quality artist pastels.
– Signed by me, AdorablyMini and numbered on the back of her head.
– Sealed with MSC flat with UV protection.