Signature Line

Blythe Basics

The Blythe basic dress is designed to be the base layer of an outfit, compact and buildable without a lot of bulk. Slender fitting with enough flair in the right places. Add a sweater, and then a jacket. A scarf and hat of course. Then play with colorful tights, socks, pants, and shoes. Many neutral options allow you to build a wardrobe of clothes that actually go together. But the real beauty of a Blythe Basic dress is that it looks great all on its own.

Blythe Basic Dress
The basic Blythe dress, mid-waist, mid-knee.  A great looking dress to go with almost any ensemble.

Big Bow Baby
Super cute, high waist sleeveless dress with a shorter fuller skirt, adorned with a big bow. Show those adorable baby legs. Go crazy with tights and socks and shoe combos.

the ‘Holly’ Dress
A custom low waisted dress with a short, above the knee, skirt. A perfect fit for those longer sweaters that lay funny on regular dresses. Show off jackets and that perfect necklace.

“ I’ve been sewing blythe doll clothes since Nov 2015. Creating realistic blythe clothes on a small scale is rewarding, because the end result is so precious. What an amazing thing to hold a tiny little dress in your hand, or hang it on a tiny hanger.  Even better, when you get that perfect fit that makes your dolls just shine.

I learned to sew and crochet with Blythe. Good thing too, there’s not a lot of waste when you mess up a hem or sleeve or miss stitches and have to go back. Boy did I mess up. But eventually I learned, by downloading blythe sewing patterns and crochet patterns for newborns. I kept editing, altering and drawing (and drawing and drawing) until I had patterns that made MY heart soar.

I remember the day I finished up a dress with a pattern that I created through trial and error. My exact thought was “I could make 100 of these”. I think I might be getting close! My first dresses were labeled ‘Shabby Chic” which means, I’m not very good at sewing. I’m so thankful that the human principle is , with practice we get better. ”