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Hi! My name is Trisha

I've been collecting and customizing Blythe Dolls since 2015. When I started, I was like a dog with a bone, obsessed with learning every little thing there is to know about this beautiful doll. And I still am just as obsessed today, having customized over 70 dolls and shipping them all over the world.

At first, she was a total to mystery to me so I had to find out where she came from. I learned all about the Blythe Doll history since her introduction in 1972, to her return to the market in 2001 and her evolution since.

Since there are absolutely no retailers in the USA that sell these dolls, I had to find where to buy the dolls, blythe doll parts, blythe faceplates to practice on, ball joint bodies to swap, clothes, shoes, the list goes on.

By 2016, it was my time to SHINE as I went about customizing Blythe Dolls and boy there was so much MORE to learn.

How to take the doll apart without ripping tearing and breaking things. How to remove the eyechips, again without breaking things.

I learned how the eye mechanism works, and how to alter the mech so she has the cutest expression. I put my design skills to work in photoshop to create deep, beautiful, highly realistic eye chips that make me melt in adoration every time I install them on a new doll. Eyes really make this doll come to life, so I've designed, adjusted and tweaked pagefulls of designs. Printed them out and tweaked again. I literally have 15 versions of an entire pageful of 50 sets of eyechips, each version lovingly obsessed over. I can honestly say that eyechips and lips are my favorite thing to craft on this doll.

And I KEPT learning. I learned whats the best way to remove the factory grease from her hair, the best carving tools, how to apply makeup, hairstyles for dolls and so much more.

I learned how to sew custom clothes, how to knit sweaters, how to crochet hats, how to draft a sewing pattern for a doll and overall how to be creative with material and fiber, all the while being inspired by the vastness of incredible clothing ideas for dolls, for little girls and for fantasy creatures.

And then there's photography! It took years to learn how to improve my Blythe Doll Photography, finding the best light, setting up little photo studios, posing the dolls. Were usually so tuckered by the end of the photo session, my dolls usually take a nap, showing off their sleep eyes and eyelid design :D

This hobby has not let me down. There's always something to learn, room to grow, and skills to build. I think that might be why I am still so hooked all these years later. It's just interesting. It's so massively diverse, there's always something new to try and it never gets boring.

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