Blythe Doll 'Harper'

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Custom Blythe Doll 'Harper' by Adorably Mini

Young Harper is very sweet and romantic, she has almost an ethereal quality. She still loves to play and will have a blast with your Blythe family. A beautiful addition.

Harper is my 69th customization made with pure love.
She's a factory doll with an Azone style, 20 joint body.

She will ship with clothes, socks, and shoes pictured.

Custom work done:
- 4 real glass eye chips with realistic eye designs made by me.
- Face sanded and carved in fine detail.
- Soft color applied with high-quality artist pastels.
- Gloss shine applied to lips.
- Sealed multiple times with high-quality UV protected sealant (Mr. Super Clear Matte).
- Sleep eyes with my signature texture and speckle design to match her coloring.
- Custom pull charms.
- Backplate signed and numbered, including her birthday.
- Hair washed and conditioned with product for humans. 
- Additional spa treatment applied. A Baking soda/hydrogen peroxide soak makes synthetic hair soft and shiny.
- She came with pretty loose curls. I set them again to accentuate a separated ringlet curl. They were allowed to air dry so they should stay for quite a while unless you do a lot of brushing.


Look closely at the photos and ask questions if you're particular about certain things. I can take photos of things you'd like to see before purchase. Just send me an email.

Sorry, returns will not be accepted. She is a OOAK art blythe doll and has been completely disassembled for work. There may be imperfections and scratches from carving. She's meant to be a collector's item, please play gently. If your needs are for a perfect doll, please buy stock.

Shipment: She will ship domestically and internationally through USPS Priority with tracking and insurance from the United States.

*Important! I've had issues with customs in Spain and Germany. Customs holds the package for a month and charges a sizeable fee to retrieve the package. I can't afford to cover this fee. Please, if buying internationally, be aware of your customs practices from the U.S.


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