Say hello to Regina, my darling saint.

OOAK Custom Blythe Doll for Sale.

Pretty Custom Blythe Doll with sad face

Regina was born with a special affinity to the Mother Mary. Since she can remember, she has heard Marys cry, seen her presence and felt her call for peace. She wasn’t raised in any religion, she was just made that way.


Regina’s heartfelt compassion and loving kindness is approaching saintly. She sees the pain in the world and it moves her to loving tears. So she extends her heart and gives of herself to a fault. In every word, in every deed and every good work she does, she does so with this knowledge. That peace can start with one person. It begins inside of you and spreads out over everything, comforting the world like a blanket, like the embrace of angels wings. It calms the angry heart, erases negativity and allows man to see each other as brothers. She gives this gift freely because she knows what the miracle of love can do. [ DESCRIPTION FROM MY ETSY LISTING }

Regina was truly inspiring to create.  Her concept came to me while I began carving and became more and more clear as I went along.  Her skin color, her baby soft back curls, her evergrowing sad face. It continued to remind me of the Madonna.  While I am not a religious person, the idea of Mother Mary and the baby Jesus have always fascinated me. In the past, the name Regina bubbled up in my mind as a presence, or an essence more accurately. I was confused until I found the hymnal prayer “Salve Regina” or Hail Holy Queen. Regina was so clearly this girls name. And everything that came along with a strong connection with the Mother. My girls always have a purpose, and this was so clearly hers, the message of peace.

The rest flowed easily. Her pure white dress with attached rope tie. Her rosary-like chain. I even found a pendant for her chain already in my stash. It looked a lot like the ‘immaculate heart’ symbol associated with Mary in so many paintings. I even had a Medjugorje pendant for her pull cord. Perfect. She was ready for adoption. Her new mommy told me ‘I can’t stop looking at her’ and she was on her way to her new home in no time.

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