Maya Custom Blythe Doll

Maya – Custom Blythe Doll


Maya is the sweetest little angel. I call her angel because she was blessed with a touch of magic. She has the uncanny ability to fill the day with joy, love, and fun… and a little bit of magic! She may keep it a secret but if you look deep down, you might feel it inside.

Maya is ready to meet her forever family.

Her base doll is a factory, ball joint Blythe Doll purchased new for customization. She is my 91st customization, made with care and pure love.

She will ship with the clothes & shoes and pictured.

She is a factory RBL mold, with an azone ball joint body.
Here’s the work that’s been done:
– 4 real glass eyechips with realistic eye designs made by me.
– Face sanded smooth and carved in detail.
– New makeup with high-quality artist pastels.
– Sealed multiple times with high-quality UV protected sealant.
– Textured and Speckled sleep eyes with custom pull charms.
– Backplate signed and numbered, including her birthday.


Adopt her on Etsy.
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Look closely at the photos and ask questions if you’re particular about certain things. I can take photos of things you’d like to see before purchase. Just message me.

Sorry, returns will not be accepted. She is a OOAK art doll and has been completely disassemled for work. There may be imperfections and scratches from carving. She’s meant to be a collectors item, please play gently. If your needs are for a perfect doll, please buy stock.

Shipment: She will ship domestically and internationally through USPS Priority with tracking and insurance from the United States.

*Important! I’ve had issues with customs in Spain and Germany. Customs holds the package for a month and charges a sizeable fee to retrieve the package. I can’t afford to cover this fee. Please, if buying internationally, be aware of your customs practices from the U.S


Blythe Obsessed

If you collect Blythe dolls, or any kind of custom dolls, you already know it’s more of an addiction than a hobby. They’re diverse and gorgeous, it’s hard to just have one. Back in 2015, before I even knew what Blyth was, I saw an incredible custom doll on Pinterest, and that was it… I was hooked. I started painting little doll inspired girls. I saved material to make clothing. I didn’t even know why! Only time would explain this strange obsession…

Now I create custom dolls for sale. I had my first adoption on ebay in November, 2015. Willow was my 2nd custom. Someone out there got a great deal and we were all SO THRILLED. 60 custom dolls later, I consider myself a proud professional Doll Artist.

A doll artist? Who would have ever thought that I’d be playing with dolls? But it’s SO MUCH FUN! I only imagine that so many women (and men!) have found themselves wondering (and not caring) how this doll obsession happened to them. That’s what makes it so much fun! People are loving what I do. Check out my testimonials below.


A message from Ellie’s new mommy.

My own custom from Trisha arrived today. She is extremely adorable and very well done! She is “Ellie” in Trisha’s Flickr or listings here. I’m telling you guys she is a customizer to watch! She’s got a light touch, good taste and the eyechips she pains – oh, my! ~ Gina

Custom Blythe Doll Ellie Testimonial
Her first doll!

She is “STUNNING!!!!” This is my first purchase of an Ooak Blythe doll. Trish, the shop owner and doll designer is not only an EXCEPTIONALLY talented artist, but also very thoughtful and kind. I had many questions and she patiently answered all my questions (she even found youtube vids to help me learn) She did all this even after I had purchased the doll and she had the money. Now that says something to me. No w back to this gorgeous doll. Better than pictured and those are good pics. She did not state in the description regarding her haircut and hair conditioning. Her cut is just perfect with long layers towards the bottom. Such a beautiful hair color and so soft. Her eyes look real and her makeup is just right (not overly done). I absolutely adore her!!! Thanks for everything Trish. You’re the BEST!!!!!

lilliana custom blythe doll

Angora’s mom fell in love

Angora is so beautiful and adorable I just want to cry! She smells so good, too! I love the birth certificate. I wish there were more room for feedback because I’m so happy! I can’t believe how perfect she is, and she even looks better than in your wonderful photos. She is settling in with the other girls who’ve wholeheartedly welcomed her. She has so much personality it’s unreal. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful doll!

Custom Blythe Doll Ellie Testimonial

Another for her collection

I am absolutely beyond the moon happy with Louanne! She is even more beautiful than pictured! Trisha is an A++ seller, was available to answer all of my questions, quick shipping, secure packaging. She also included a few gifts for me/ Luanne, which was so sweet! I am so thrilled to have this beautiful girl in my collection!! Thank you again! xoxo

louanne custom doll

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