Say hello to Holly, my little ‘feeler’.

OOAK Custom Blythe Doll for Sale.

holly custom blythe doll

Holly is very young and innocent and is just starting on her journey through life. She loves nature and the earth, and every living being in it. She feels such gratitude to be here and so is in touch with everything around her.


Holly is completely dedicated to service – anywhere, anytime, to everyone. She is very sensitive towards others. She loves more, she gives more, and she is more idealistic. She’s been given this task from birth… that it is her mission to establish universal love and good will toward men.


Holly absolutely adores Christmas because at this time, everyone ‘gets’ her. As the spirit of Christmas unites us, we reaffirm our faith and act in the spirit of the season. People are finally starting to understand what Holly has been saying all year long. To love one another. [ DESCRIPTION FROM MY ETSY LISTING ]

Holly was my 34th Blythe Doll Customization. Her base doll was a ball joint, factory Blythe Doll purchased new. Her hair was super soft and shiny and she was so beautifully childlike. I absolutely love young looking Blythes. I think the perfect age is around 5 years old. Holly fit the bill from the beginning.

Holly came just in time to spread Christmas joy. It warmed my heart for her true personality to come to me, probably my favorite part of customization. That a powerful message can come from a little plastic bundle of joy. It must have been an appropriate choice because she was adopted on Christmas eve. A wonderful gift for a woman all the way in Spain, and a the perfect gift for Holly. She knew deep in her heart that her Christmas message was heard and now she will continue to spread that love halfway across the globe 😀


  • Holly Custom Blythe Green Eyechips
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  • Hollys Green Eyes
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