Say hello to Penelope. I call her my creative darling.

OOAK Custom Blythe Doll no 35.


Penelope is an extremely spirited girl. She’s driven by her desire to explore the wonder of the world that she discovers every new day. Her power of expression is fascinating to behold in someone so young. Her laughter is contagious. She is playful, she dances, and what a talent she is, acting out her favorite stories from books. She is not short of ideas either. Each one more clever, clear sighted and intelligent as the last. She is driven by an inspired wisdom that leads her to brilliant inventions and new ways to do things.

Penelope is fascinated with anything creative and handmade. She loves to sew, make candles, bake and build with wood. When she needs or wants something, her first instinct is to create it herself. She was born to live on a farm in the early 1900’s. So when she asked me to make her a vintage farm dress, I thought, how perfectly suited that would be. [ DESCRIPTION FROM MY ETSY LISTING ]

Penelope was created from a tan factory ball joint Blythe Doll. She was my 35th Blythe Customization. I was so happy that she was adopted into a wonderful family that included 2 of her ‘sisters’ (a few of my other Blythe Dolls).

At the time, I was watching ‘Anne with an E’ on Netflix and I fell in love with Anne of Green Gables. That little girl  was such an inspiration, so I modeled the doll much after her, of course her style and especially her personality. I had a wonderful time sewing little Blythe clothes for her and imagining her reading books and acting out scenes and being super creative. I decided that she must have a sewing machine. Of course it was hers forever and it went with to her new home.

I fell so in love with this girl, I almost decided not to put her up for adoption. I’m guessing that happens to a lot of doll artists. You grow so attached. But I have to remember, if I don’t make room, I cant buy more :D. It’s still a hard decision.

  • Custom Blythe with Sewing Machine
  • Custom Blythe Doll No35
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