Say hello to Harmony, my little angel.

OOAK Custom Blythe Doll no 36.

Blythe Doll OOAK for Sale

Harmony exudes a gentleness and peace that reaches out into all the space around her. The quiet is so calming you can hear it in your soul. She thinks with her mind and heart together as one harmonic force. Not a single thought is ever without an abundance of love. And her every action is toward the purity of these simple goals: to protect, to guide and to bring meaning to our lives. She inspires others to think the same way. Just imagine how the world could be.

People say that everything happens for a reason. Harmony has a secret. She knows the reason. But she’s not so quick to share. She would rather gently guide so that we may learn our lessons and become more caring souls.

Harmony was my pride and joy and I kept her for a long time. She was the only doll to voyage into the world. We went to an art show in town where she was packed in a little bear carrying bag. I did get a comment from a boy! He said, “ooh a creepy doll, I love creepy dolls”. It’s been long forgotten that my dolls were creepy and a funny reminder that we might not be normal 😀 She was always my little angel. When it came time to share the love with an adoptive mommy, I thought it was appropriate to show her to the world that way.

It was so much fun to transform her. One youtube video later and she had wings! I also thought she should glow, as angels are known to do. I decided to add little lights to her dress and went on my way figuring out the best way to attach them. I ended up sewing a little pocket to hold the battery and velcro straps to wire the lights under the skirt. I was giddy when she was done. My sweet little Blythe doll lit up and sparkled!

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