Say hello to Nissa, my little inspired girl.

OOAK Blythe Doll Custom no 40.


Nissa is inspired from head to toe. Her vivid imagination makes her so. She shares her inspiration with the world through stories and parables, her way of bringing special messages to each one she encounters along the way.

A journeyer, maybe a wanderer. She sees her path and every adventure as a way to connect to more people, creatures and beings. You never know who you’ll meet along the way. I think she knows. I believe her soul goes back thousands of years.

Nissa has a gorgeous dark skin tone. I made a variety of realistic eye colors to contrast her skin for a dramatic effect. I also washed her hair and gave her a choppy style bob haircut. Her hair is really soft.

She is my 40th customization, made with care and pure love.

She will ship with the clothes and shoes pictured.

She is a factory RBL tan mold, with a ball joint body.
Here’s the work that’s been done:

  • 4 real glass eyechips with realistic eye designs made by me.
  • Face sanded smooth and carved in detail.
  • New makeup with high quality artist pastels.
  • Textured and Speckled sleep eyes with custom pull charms.
  • Back plate signed and numbered, including her birthday.
  • BlytheDollCustomno40Nissa - 4
  • BlytheDollCustomno40Nissa - 12
  • BlytheDollCustomno40Nissa - 13
  • BlytheDollCustomno40Nissa - 11
  • BlytheDollCustomno40Nissa - 10
  • BlytheDollCustomno40Nissa - 14
  • BlytheDollCustomno40Nissa - 9
  • BlytheDollCustomno40Nissa - 8
  • BlytheDollCustomno40Nissa - 7
  • BlytheDollCustomno40Nissa - 6
  • BlytheDollCustomno40Nissa - 5
  • BlytheDollCustomno40Nissa - 3
  • BlytheDollCustomno40Nissa - 2
  • BlytheDollCustomno40Nissa - 1