Say hello to Matilda.

OOAK Blythe Doll Custom no 44.


Strong. Psychic. Practical.

Matilda’s no nonsense view of the world allows her to easily see right from wrong. Her strength comes from her inner knowledge. She’s somewhat of a little psychic in the sense that she clearly knows which direction to go. She’s super tuned into the world and equally open to allow it to guide her. She see’s clear through a decision, down the path it will lead, and straight to the consequense and outcome. It makes things very easy.

She’s just starting to learn that not everyone has this ability. You’d think this would lead her to judgement. Instead it just makes her care more. She feels the urge to protect others and help them along their path. She sees this need in the world and desires to become a great guide for many.

Matilda is looking for a mommy or daddy to care for her and support her on her path.

Her base doll is a tan factory, ball joint Blythe Doll purchased new for customization.

Matilda is my 44th customization, made with care and pure love.

She will ship with the clothes, hats and shoes pictured.

She is a factory RBL mold, with a ball joint body.
Here’s the work that’s been done:

  • 4 real glass eyechips with realistic eye designs made by me.
  • Face sanded smooth and carved in detail.
  • New makeup with high quality artist pastels.
  • Sealed multiple times with the best quality UV protected sealant.
  • Textured and Speckled sleep eyes with custom pull charms.
  • Back plate signed and numbered, including her birthday.
  • Blythe Doll no44 Matilda - 10
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