Say hello to Dori, my Little Wild Stallion!

custom blythe dori

This little sweetie has super thick, wavy hair. Dori’s hair is a weft, sewn onto the original scalp.

Dori is wildly independent and loves to run free. She craves to get out there and be in the middle of the action. She’s crazy for riding horses, the faster they can run the better. Dori is a doer, she takes action at the mere inkling of an idea. Shes smart, honest and authentic with herself and others, so her ideas are mostly good ones, but you might need to slow her down if she’s dreaming more than usual and acting more on impulse. Dori is always looking for a chance to do her own thing, be her own person, and to do things the way she imagines. She has the gift to inspire others toward imagination and action, so if you have other girls, you may see them acting out their own dreams before long.

She’s looking for a mommy or daddy to support her need for freedom and creative expression and to help her think things through.

Her base doll is a basaak blythe doll clone (fake).
Dori was made with hours of care and pure love.

She will ship with her outfit shown here made by me.
-White sleeveless shirt with green bow.
-Blue jeans (they’re full length, but I rolled them up for the photos)
-Little white socks.
-Butterfly hair claw to keep her mane tame.

Here’s the work that I’ve done to make her beautiful:
– New Eyelashes.
– 4 custom pairs of eye chips created by me. (one green eye is not perfect, see below)
– Sleepy eyes.
– 2 New Custom Beaded Pullcharms.
– Face sand-matted.
– Lip, nose and philtrum carved.
– New makeup with quality artist pastels.
– Lip shine with acrylic gloss.
– Hair is a sewn on weft.
– Signed by me, AdorablyMini and numbered on the back of her head.
– Sealed with MSC flat UV.

  • custom blythe dori