Say Hello to Brooke, my little nature spirit.

OOAK Custom Blythe Doll for Sale.


This beautiful girl has the most gorgeous coloring. Her tan skin goes beautifully with her soft brown hair and custom eyechips.

Brooke is a very earthy girl, feeling a connection to the flow of life. Because of this connection, she follows along while things come so naturally to her. Calm and confident, she trusts herself and the world around her. She is safe and protected by this world.

She adores nature and the elements and feels a strong sense of love for the world, for the energy that moves nature, and all the beings that inhabit this place. She truly knows that she belongs here and is an intertwined component of our earth. Such alignment brings her the truest gift life can give. She is deeply touched by every creature she encounters. Be they human, spirit, magical or supernatural.

Because she is so gifted, she naturally leads by example. Being in her presence can inspire others to be better. She’s looking for a mommy or daddy to encourage and appreciate her abilities and allow to be free to follow her heart.
Her base doll is a factory blythe, tan skinned doll purchased new for customization.
Brooke is my 22nd customization, made with care and pure love.

She will ship with everything pictured here. All clothes made by me:
– Tea stained tattered dress.
– Blue Crochet gnome hat with button.
– Blue boots.

Here’s the work that I’ve done to make her beautiful:
– 4 custom pairs of realistic eye chips created by me.
– Eyes gaze corrected and boggled.
– Custom Pullcharm.
– Face sand-matted.
– Lip, nose and philtrum carved.
– New makeup with quality artist pastels.
– Signed by me, AdorablyMini and numbered on the back of her head.
– Sealed with many layers of MSC flat with UV protection.

Brooke, Custom Blythe Doll for Sale

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