Say Hello to Bunny, my sweet little baby.

OOAK Custom Blythe Doll for Sale.


This beautiful girl has pretty blonde hair with a golden glittery streak.

Bunny is so sweet and gracious, a true loving soul. She is dependable, down-to-earth and well grounded, a perfect friend. She is always looking to find the meaning in things, and in the world.

Bunny is such a creative thinker, always with ideas to solve problems. She loves to invent new games to play with her friends, many of them depending on intuition. I think she does this purposefully, because shes has a very gifted intuitive sense. She’s always finding lost items, talking sweetly to something no one else can see, and usually ending up on the right side of a coincidence.

Bunny values a loving family above all. She is looking for a mommy or daddy who can provide a protected and secure environment where she can feel safe.

Her base doll is a factory blythe doll purchased new for customization.
Bunny is my 23rd customization, made with care and pure love.

She will ship with everything pictured here. All clothes made by me:
– Green Cotton Dress.
– Green hat with crochet flower to match her dress.
– White Crochet Hat with Bunny Ears.
– Gray tights.
– Green converse style sneakers.

Here’s the work that I’ve done to make her beautiful:
– 4 custom pairs of realistic eye chips created by me.
– Eyelids painted with a bunny drawing – * Eyes are not sleep eyes. They do not stay closed.
– Eyes gaze corrected and boggled.
– Custom Pullcharm.
– Face sand-matted.
– Lip, nose and philtrum carved.
– New makeup with quality artist pastels.
– Signed by me, AdorablyMini and numbered on the back of her head.
– Sealed with many layers of MSC flat with UV protection.

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