Say hello To Chelsea

OOAK Blythe Custom Doll no 50.

Blythe Doll Chelsea Featured

Chelseas soft pink hair, and tan skin make a beautiful combination. I created light and brightly colored eyechips to enhance her coloring. I’m almost jealous of how pretty she is 😀

Pretty, dainty Chelsea has some real power behind that little brain. Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language – you name it, she excels. She loves learning and putting her knowledge to use. She likes to apply her newly learned skills to create fun activites that bring people together. Intelligent and focused to a T, she has unique potential to truly solve the problems in the world.

Her base doll is a factory, ball joint Blythe Doll purchased new for customization.
Chelsea is my 50th customization, made with care and pure love.

She will ship with the dress and shoes pictured.

She is a factory RBL mold, with a tan ball joint body.
Here’s the work that’s been done:

  • 4 real glass eyechips with realistic eye designs made by me.
  • Face sanded smooth and carved in detail.
  • New makeup with high quality artist pastels.
  • Sealed multiple times with high quality UV protected sealant.
  • Textured and Speckled sleep eyes with custom pull charms.
  • Back plate signed and numbered, including her birthday.