Dori is Ready for Adoption!

My Little Stallion has the greatest thick head of hair!

Dori is wildly independent and loves to run free. She craves to get out there and be in the middle of the action. She’s crazy for riding horses, the faster they can run the better. Dori is a doer, she takes action at the mere inkling of an idea. Shes smart, honest and authentic with herself and others.

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Custom Blythe Dolls

Daphne (adopted) blythe doll custom

Betty (adopted) blythe doll custom

Steffie (adopted) blythe doll custom

Blythe Doll Obsessed

Hi, My name is Trish, and I am doll Obsessed. I sold my first custom blythe on ebay (11/21/2015). Willow was the 2nd custom I had ever created, someone out there got a great deal and I was SO THRILLED. I can now consider myself a proud professional Doll Artist. A doll artist? Who would have ever thought that would have been a ‘thing’ in my life? But it’s WONDERFUL! After I bought my first blythe doll, a basaak clone, I quickly found myself with SIX more! Who needs seven blythe dolls? EVERYONE! After all, I intend on customizing every single one I own. Except for Jessie, my first. I just cant. Shes perfect. It definitely was love at first sight. I’ve customized 5 so far, and I think im ready to upgrade to “Factory Dolls” or TBL. They’re more expensive, better quality dolls. I purchased my first TBL in December, 2015 and there is a noticeable improvement in quality. Lets hope so, the doll cost 4 times as much! You should be seeing custom TBLs soon 😀 You know what makes this the most fun? People are loving what I do.

A message about Willow (my first auction)


Jacqueline’s message from her new mommyjacquelines-message

Message from Steffies new Mommy


Message from Daphne’s new Mommy