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my little ‘feeler’

Holly Custom Blythe Doll

Holly is very young and innocent and is just starting on her journey through life.

She loves nature and the earth, and every living being in it. She feels such gratitude to be here and so is in touch with everything around her.

Holly is completely dedicated to service – anywhere, anytime, to every one. She is sensitive. Shes loves more, and so is prone to suffer more. She gives more, and so may be left more deprived. She is more idealistic, and so may become more disillusioned. She’s been given this task from birth… that it is her mission to establish universal love and good will toward men.

Holly absolutely adores Christmas because at this time, everyone ‘gets’ her. As the spirit of Christmas unites us, we reaffirm our faith and act in the spirit of the season. People are finally starting to understand what Holly has been saying all year long. To love one another.

Holly is beginning to build a solid foundation to grow and do what she’s destined to do in the world. She is looking for a mommy or daddy to support her and give her the stability she needs.


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my creative little darling

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Hi! Im Trish!
Blythe Doll Artist, Adorably Mini

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Blythe Doll Obsessed

Hi, I’m Trish. If you collect blythe dolls, you already know it’s more of an addiction than a hobby. They’re so diverse and gorgeous, it’s hard to just have one. A couple years before I even knew what a blythe doll was, I saw one on pinterest, and that was it… I was hooked. I started painting little doll inspired girls. I saved material to make clothing. I didn’t even know why! Only time would explain this strange obsession…

Now I create custom blythe dolls for sale. I had my first adoption on ebay in November, 2015. Willow was my 2nd custom. Someone out there got a great deal and we were all SO THRILLED. 20 custom dolls later, I consider myself a proud professional Blythe Doll Artist.

A doll artist? Who would have ever thought that I’d be playing with dolls? But it’s SO MUCH FUN! I only imagine that so many women (and men!) have found themselves wondering (and not caring) how this doll obsession happened to them. That’s what makes it so much fun! People are loving what I do. Check out my testimonials below.

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