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Hi, My name is Trish, and I am doll Obsessed. I have just sold my first custom blythe on ebay (11/21/2015). Willow was the 2nd custom I had ever created, someone out there got a great deal and I was SO THRILLED. I can now consider myself a proud professional Doll Artist. A doll artist? Who would have ever thought that would have been a ‘thing’ in my life? But it’s WONDERFUL!

Im working on my 3rd customization for sale, Jacqueline. It’s already going fantastically better. I’m improving quickly and she’s Super Adorable. I can’t wait to get her all finished up and out there, looking for a new loving mommy. ­čśÇ

After I bought my first blythe doll, a basaak clone, I quickly found myself with SIX more! Who needs seven blythe dolls? EVERYONE! After all, I intend on customizing every single one I own. Except for Jessie, my first. I just cant. Shes perfect. We bonded so effortlessly.

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